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Thank You Moms

No one, and I mean no one, is more important than our moms!  They nurture us, sustain us, cuddle us and challenge us to be our best.  They are our first and most important teacher.  Mother's remind us all the time that "we are loved."  There is no more important message and it comes from our most important messenger.

I know I have been very blessed in my life.  My mom taught me to be confident, honest, compassionate and dedicated.  She always made sure I was able to experience as much as I could, yet she never let me off the hook either.  It was expected that I must always be responsible and own up for my mistakes (for which there are plenty).  But at the same time, I always new how proud my mom was of me when I put in a great effort or was successful in achieving my goals.  She never hesitated to hold me back in grade 1 because I wasnt ready in terms of maturity, because she wanted the best for me.  She expected me to do my best, but was ready to give me a big hug when I was feeling down at the same time.  She challenged me to do my best every day, and she celebrated with me whenever I did well.  My mom was the ultimate challenger, yet I knew she loved me no matter the outcome.

My mom passed away in December 2015, so I have had few Mother's Day without her.  I miss her, but I know she is in God's Kingdom with Mary, the mother of Jesus.  Mary also teaches us, that we are loved.  I pray for my mom and continue to ask for her help and support, to keep challenging me to do my best each day, to work hard at school, to be compassionate and caring and to be responsible for my mistakes.  I know that I am loved, which is what I need when things seem extra difficult, or when I am having a hard day, or I am trying to navigate life through a pandemic!

No one knows how long we have here on earth, so I challenge myself to make the most of each moment with my own family, my friends and colleagues.  Mother's teach us this too.  I am so blessed  to have a wonderful wife, who is also an amazing mom to our two daughters (and Molly the wonderdog).  Kalay loves her girls so much, and I am blessed to be witness to their relationship as they grow together.

Thank to all Mothers, moms, and mammas: I hope you had a great Mother's Day - there is nothing more special than the bond between a mother and their child.  God Bless you all.

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