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During my career in education, as a teacher, consultant, counsellor and school leader, I have come to realize that the most important factor in being effective in my role is connection!  Leadership literature discusses the importance of relationships and building those connections in our school, but what does that look like in action? In this presentation, I will share my journey to school leadership and how connections have be key to having a positive impact in my school. I will also share my philosophy around service leadership and how to effectively engage staff.  Ultimately, our challenge is to find effective strategies that promote opportunities to create healthy connections for everyone, because connections increases staff wellness, resilience and motivation! It’s all about connection.

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This session will provide a narrative as the presenter journeys participants through the changes that were implemented at an elementary school that focused on engagement.  These changes had a dramatic positive impact on the school culture and helped create a supportive learning environment for students, staff and the community.  The presenter will share the strategies that were implemented over three years to create this positive change and participants can take elements from this experience to use in their own professional practice.

Strategies for Engagement

  • Focus programs/Academy programs for students

  • Junior University/Complimentary Courses

  • PAX: The Good Behaviour Game

  • Increased Communication with parents/community

  • Book Study: Mindset

  • Effective Professional Growth Plans

  • Professional Teams

  • Student Interviews

  • Student Government



This session will offer insight into developing coaching strategies for new teachers by examining the unique characteristics of the current “Net” generation.  The “Net” generation offers schools a group of beginning teachers that will provide education many new approaches.  By offering leadership and development in a way that embraces generational change, schools will assist in attracting and retaining highly talented individuals.  By examining generational differences and discovering effective coaching techniques, session participants will receive a number of hands on strategies that will help them mentor and evaluate their beginning and student teachers.

In addition, we will discuss podcasting and how this unique audio format may be used to promote school leadership.  You can also check out my current Podcasts by clicking here!

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This presentation will explain an effective strategy to help make PGP for teachers and other school staff effective and meaningful documents.  This approach to PGPs allows staff to create goals that are tailored to their needs based on where they are in their career.  This approach will also promotes ongoing growth as staff revisit their plan each month in collaboration with their colleagues.  Staff conversations around their growth will be up and they will be more motivation for staff to strive towards achieving goals as designed by their growth plan.  This approach was created by Chinook's Edge School District in collaboration with the University of Lethbridge professors, Dr. Townsend and Dr. Adams, and was effectively implemented into practice by the presenter at his school.  This demonstrates that this strategy is transferable and feedback from staff has been very positive using this process. 

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Kindergarten students starting this September will graduate high school in 2031!  What will their world be like and what skills will they need to be successful in that world?

In this presentation Joe describes the current and predicted disruption to our economy - energy, transportation, consumption and production.  The Internet of Things and the acceleration of technology will continue to transform and shape our world.  The question all educators should ask themselves should be "are we preparing our students for their world or for our world?"  When we think about the changes that are coming, how can prepare our students and ensure they have the skills and abilities to be successful in their world. 

Specifically, Joe will discuss the following and its predicted impact on the economy:

  • wearable technology

  • driverless transportation

  • electric vehicles

  • 3D printing

  • virtual reality

  • current trends with social media and the consumption of media

***This presentation can be tailored for length and audience.

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In this presentation, Joe will share the strategies he has used to engage and empower students to take ownership of their learning, and their school community.  Joe will share the details of his top 10 strategies to support students through initiatives designed to help support positive school culture.  These strategies come from Joe’s experience as a principal of two school settings, a K - 6 and K - 8, his work as a counsellor in high school and junior high and his teaching experiences during the past 17 years.  “It is always exciting to explore with students what else they may pursue to support our school community!”

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This session will offer practical ways to blog as an element of being a highly effective school leader.  In the presentation, participants who are new to blogging will have the opportunity to learn more about blogging and will be provided an opportunity to begin their first blog.  More experienced participants will be able to plan the goal(s) for their blog and determine strategies to achieve these goals.  Participants will learn from the presenters first hand experiences using a blog to support his work as a school leader and share some of the opportunities and challenges that blogging will present.  My current blog page is at

In addition, we will discuss podcasting and how this unique audio format may be used to promote school leadership.  You can also check out my current Podcasts by clicking here!

Concepts for Blogging or Podcast as part of a school leader's or teacher leader's professional practice:

  • Create a Blog/Podcast goal - start with why you are blogging

  • Blog/Podcast on what you know and what you want to share

  • Use your blog/podcast to help build communication between the school and the community

  • Use your blog/podcast to promote professional development 

  • Use your blog/podcast to strengthen your relationships to be an effective leader

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